General Meeting 2008 in Schlitz

An era is ending - Bernd Schäfter adopted

On the 20th and 21st of September 2008 Bernd Schaefer invited to the general meeting to Schlitz in his role as first Chairman of the CIOFF® Germany.

This year, he was able to welcome more than 40 association representatives of the folk dance and folklore groups from all over Germany for the annual meeting, which opened on Saturday afternoon at 15.00 clock. Also the mayor Mr. Schäfer was happy to welcome the guests from different federal states in Schlitz.

Besides the reports of the directors of the International and Central European meetings and for the resumption of the Vierlander Speeldeel from Hamburg-Vierlanden the following topics had been on the agenda: issues of public relations, press, sponsorship and Gema, reports on EU support, cooperation with the IOV and a dues increase.

Beate Guder from Schlitz, who could have been won as a new webmaster at the beginning of the year, presented the new website of CIOFF® to the participants.

The central point of this meeting, however, was the election of the new board. Bernd Schäfer was no longer eligible for re-election after 33 years of work on the board for reasons of his age.

In his recap of the past three decades, he reported on the founding meeting, which was also directed 1978 in Schlitz, and that his era would now end where they have started once. He also reminded to the international CIOFF® Conference, which was designed in 1984 in Schlitz instead of Russia and count among the highlights of his board activities. He also enjoys remembering on the 10th anniversary of the CIOFF® Germany, which took place in 1988 in Scheeßel.

Norbert Müller (former second chairman and new first chairman) expressed his gratitude to Bernd Schäfer with a photo album of the last 33 years. In addition, he was presented a flat screen in appreciation for his work done by the board. Many delegates of each member clubs handed over more gifts and thanked the outgoing first Chairman for his tireless efforts. Also Anke Schlosser (TVK chairman) thanked Bernd Schäfer for the engagement. The TVK became known far beyond its borders and numerous contacts at home and abroad have been linked by the CIOFF®. Many invitations to attractive foreign trips arised.

For new first chairman Nobert Müller from Heppenheim was unanimously elected. Also Klaus Hohmeier from Schlitz was unanimously elected as second chairman. Bernd Schäfer was appointed as honorary chairman. The other board positions remained unchanged. The cooperation of the festival experience from 2009 till 2011 and attended festivals in the past year as well as experience with various groups were further topics on the agenda on Sunday morning.

Previously on Saturday evening after a brief city tour all participants sit together in the Tenne. A few surprises waited for "Halle Bernd" who wanted actually "chatting" in a relaxed manner at a small meeting with the delegates. This was not possible. In the Tenne he was surprised by the active group of TVK with dancers and dialect poems, sung by Reinhold Horn and the traditional band from Elters with musical entertainment. Bernd Schäfer was visibly moved, he had not expected and the quiet evening in a small group was a great farewell party with dancing, singing and music until the wee hours, which he will keep safely for a long time with good memories.

Norbert Müller (new first chairman of CIOFF® appoints Bernd Schäfer as honorary chairman.

Flowers for Mrs. Schäfer.

Conference participants.

The new board of CIOFF® section Germany.

Schlitzerländer Trachten- und Volkstanzkreis in the dance circle.

Surprise performance: Trachtenkapelle Elters.

Text: Anke Schlosser; Photos: Norbert Geßner.