Annual Meeting 2007 in Bitburg

The annual national CIOFF® meeting was held from the 29th till the 30th of September 2007 in Bitburg. This year the first Chairman Bernd Schäfer welcomed more than 50 representatives of folklore festival organizers and folklore groups from all over Germany.

Besides the reports of the board members of the international and European conferences and a report of the Youth Forum in Laggenbeck also the theme of public relations and Gema were focused on the agenda.

Controversial topic of the two-day meeting, however, was the preparation for submission to the EU funded project "Cultural Heritage for the future, friendship and peace." 8 nations will participate at this project which is running until the year 2013. For Germany eligible costs of € 378 500 per year at 50% subsidy are expected to be recognized. Besides the folklore festivals in Bitburg, Kröv, Erfurt, Schmerlitz and some smaller festival organizers also the "Schlitzerländer Heimat und Trachtenfest" should benefit from the aid money.

Finally it was determined that the national CIOFF® conference in September 2008 will take place in Schlitz. 
The hosting of the Central European Conference, and the Board's meeting of the International CIOFF® in April are also provided to be in Schlitz.

JHV 2007