CIOFF® has been awarded the UNESCO associate partner status as NGO

17. Nov 2015
Dear Friends,
We are extremely proud to announce that at the 38th General Assembly of UNESCO in Paris (3rd-18th November) CIOFF® has been awarded the UNESCO associate partner status as NGO, being one of the only three NGOs, who received the associate status in 2015.


Since its foundation in 1945, UNESCO has sought to collaborate with NGOs, which are fundamental civil society partners for the implementation of the Organization’s activities and programmes. Over the years, UNESCO has built up a valuable network of cooperation with NGOs having an expertise in its fields of competence, i.e. education, science, social and human sciences, culture, communication and information.

Philippe Beaussant, President  Currently, UNESCO is enjoying official partnerships with 373 international NGOs and 24 foundations and similar institutions, only around 40 of which have associate status and all the others consultative status.

This recognition of CIOFF® by UNESCO reflects the new level of cooperation with CIOFF® in providing a valuable partnership to UNESCO in recent years, having made regular major substantial contributions to framing UNESCO’s objectives and implementing its programmes in the field of safeguarding and promoting the World intangible cultural heritage.

CIOFF® becomes the only organisation working in the field of ICH to receive associate partnership status of UNESCO.

What that means for CIOFF® is:

  • Visibility – an immense chance to promote the work and activities of CIOFF® by both CIOFF® International and the National Sections
  • Opportunity to develop and implement new exciting programmes and projects with the support of UNESCO
  • Responsibility to maintain the high level of engagement with UNESCO as an associate partner, constantly strengthening CIOFF® organisation on national and international levels and delivering effective programmes and projects.

This extremely important announcement comes at a time when CIOFF® is preparing for its flagship event - the 5th CIOFF® World Folkloriada, which will take place in Zacatecas, Mexico in August 2016, with participation of over 2500 dancers and musicians representing more then 70 countries of the World.

Founded in 1970, CIOFF® is now represented in 112 different countries in which there are more than thirty thousand folklore dance and music groups and folk arts organizations. Today CIOFF ® globally coordinates over 300 annual international folklore and folk arts festivals, uniting thousands of volunteers around the world with its mission to encourage cultural exchange in order to promote a growing spirit of friendship and peace.

For more information about CIOFF ® please visit or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Philippe Beaussant, President
Olga Maloney, Secretary General
Magdalena Tovornik, Representative of CIOFF® to UNESCO