Wolfgang VossOn April 13, 2014 our member Wolfgang Voss from Wismar passed away.

He was for many year artistic director of the folklore group „Danzlüd us Wismer“ and director of the „International Folklore Festival of the Hanseatic City Wismar and closely connected to the traditional arts.

In 2013 he organized the 12th International Folklore Festival in Wismar, which has been developed through his initiative to a big event in the region of Wismar.

Since the Danzlüd us Wismer became a member of CIOFF® Germany he always was anxious to represent CIOFF® in his hometown and its neighborhood and to communicate its aims. In the year 2000 he organized the General Assembly of CIOFF® Germany. Also in 2014 he agreed to organize the General Assembly of CIOFF® Germany in Wismar. It is his special wish in spite of his death to host the Assembly in Wismar.

He was a keen supporter of our aims, the conservation of Traditional Culture and the promotion of international understanding. With him we have lost a tireless combatant and good friend. His experience and expert knowledge were always welcome and helpful.

We will keep him always in deeply grateful and good memory and in commemoration.

Norbert Müller
Vorsitzender CIOFF® Deutschland