Rosemarie EngelOn December 12, 2012 our Honorary Member Rosemarie Engel passed away in the age of 84.
She was Head of the section for folk Art in the Ministry of Culture of the German Democratic Republic and professionally closely connected to the Traditional Arts.

From 1973 till 1989 she was the National Delegate of the GDR in the CIOFF® World organization.

In 1981 she organized the CIOFF® World Congress in Gera in the former GDR. I personally got to know and respect Rosemarie in 1989 as a very good and open friend, despite the Iron Curtain that existed at that time. After the integration of the German Democratic Republic with the Federal Republic of Germany she got further involved in the CIOFF® organization. As a member of the Legal Commission from 1982 – 2002 she was significantly involved in the revised versions of the CIOFF® By Laws and Internal Regulation. For her great merits in the CIOFF® World Organization she was awarded Honorary Membership in 1996.
Rosemarie Engel was a keen supporter of our aims, the conservation of Traditional Culture and the promotion of international understanding. With her we have lost a tireless combatant and good friend. Her experience and expert knowledge were always welcome and helpful.
We will keep her always in deeply grateful and good memory and in commemoration.

Norbert Müller
President CIOFF® Germany