Annual meeting 2010 in Bräunlingen

National CIOFF® meeting

With approx. 71 national sections, 3 associated and 13 correspondent members, the CIOFF® (Conseil international des Organisations de Festivals de Folklore et d'arts Traditionnels) is represented in 90 countries on all continents over the world.
One of the main tasks is to exchange the international folklore groups with more than 50,000 amateurs among themselves and to coordinate more than 300 folk festivals.

The section Germany invited to the national CIOFF® annual general meeting from the 16th to the 18th of September to Bräunlingen, Schwarzwald. At this meeting the CIOFF® members from all over Germany are coming together once a year and it is organized by the respective member associations in turn.

This year Norbert Müller from Heppenheim (first chairman of CIOFF® Germany) had been the host for the association representatives of the folk and dance groups and the folklore festival organizers from Thale, Scheeßel, Heppenheim, Ludwigsau Tann, Elters / Rhön, Erfurt, Witzenhausen, Hamburg/ Finkenwerder, Neustadt, Görlitz, Schlitz, Luxemburg in Bräunlingen.

Besides the reports of the directors of the Central European and international conventions, the host introduced the traditional "Kilbig" and the city Bräunlingen.

Next up was the point "CIOFF® - Youth" on the agenda.
Martina Frey from Friedewald was the previous youth representative. Since she has passed the age limit of 26 years, this office is now vacant.
A successor could not yet be named on the CIOFF® meeting in Bräunlingen. This topic has been discussed lively. The present representatives shared the opinion to initially create a specific job description for this position. Projects should be explicitly covered, otherwise it would be difficult to motivate young people for the job. 
Klaus Hohmeier from Schlitz (second chairman of CIOFF® Germany) was named as contact. He should take care in the initial phase the coordination of youth who wants to engage in the CIOFF®.
The representatives will be looking for suitable young people in the costume and folk dance groups.

The International Delphic Council (IDC) contacted the CIOFF® to discuss a possible collaboration. The IDC is an organization that wants to bring the Delphic games to life. The Delphic Games are like the Olympic Games of antiquity. They were always held in the year before the Olympics in the field of culture. There have been games in the fields of theater, music, dance, etc. The first chairman Norbert Müller will be in contact with the Secretary of the IDC Mr. Cherry from Berlin and inform the members of CIOFF® about the results of the discussions.

The third CIOFF® Folkoriade will be held in Anseong, Korea in 2012. The Folkloriada is an event bringing together the folklore groups and artisans from all member countries of the CIOFF®. In several events, they show their programs and crafts. At this Folkloriada a German group should participate as at the previous ones in Netherlands and Japan. Once the conditions are fixed and the invitations are sent, the German member groups can apply for the participation.

Another theme of the meeting was the re-application to the EU funded project "Cultural Heritage for the future, friendship and peace". 
The project runs from May 2009 until May 2011. An initial application, which occurred already in 2007, was unfortunately not accepted. Susan Kramer, a representative from Luxembourg and member of CIOFF® Germany section handled the grant application. For Germany only two international festivals namely the international folklore festival "Danetzare" from Erfurt and the Schlitzerländer Heimat- und Trachtenfest were registered.

During the meeting Hans Joachim Wiesenmüller presented the international children and youthfestival Thale with a PowerPoint presentation.

Experience with Gema, experience of collaborating festival organizers and the protection of CIOFF® name and logo and the new recording of "Erfurt devil dance" were other topics on the agenda before the first Chairman Norbert Müller was able to close the meeting promptly at 17:00 clock.

The next national CIOFF® conference will be held in Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse. The first chairman of the folklore group of Heppenheim Thomas Maul has stated his willingness.

The host of Bräunlingen was responsible for the social program. On Friday afternoon some of the visiting conference participants had the opportunity to visit the spring of the Donau in Donaueschingen as well as the pretty little town Bräunlingen. On Saturday evening was initially a very interesting and informative visit to the small Bräunlinger Löwen Brewery. After a tour through the brewery and the tasting of "Bräunlinger Löwenbräu" the conference participants expected an entertaining evening in the home clubhouse of the folklore group. Folk dance and songs of the Bräunlinger Trachtenfreunde made an entertaining and amusing evening before on Sunday morning the participants went back home.

The CIOFF® world conference will be held in November in Papeete in Tahiti. From the german section the first Chairman Norbert Müller, second chairman Klaus Hohmeier and board member Susanne Kramer from Luxembourg will start the long journey to attend this meeting.
CIOFF® Germany is wishing them already today a safe journey and a successful meeting.

Conference participants.

Susanne Kramer, Klaus Hohmeier, Norbert Müller.