D-36251 Ludwigsau/Tann: Internationales Trachtenfest

Every four years the Volkstanzgruppe Ludwigsau-Tann organizes an international folklore festival. 4-5 foreign folklore groups and up to 15 German folk dance groups are invited.
The groups should present authentic, but also edited folklore in original folklore costumes.

The festival takes place on two days in the huge marquee or in the gym "Besengrundhalle" in Ludwigsau-Tann. On the other days the groups have the possiblility to represent themselves in Bad Hersfeld Rotenburg / Fulda and the surrounding area. The participants are accommodated in host families. Very great importance is attached to the contact of the groups among each other and with host families.

The international understanding ranks first.

The community Ludwigsau-Tann is located 3 km away from the festival town Bad Hersfeld and 150 km to the north of Frankfurt / Main in the middle of Germany. Erfurt airport is located 120 km away from Ludwigsau. To Eisenach and to the World Heritage Site - the Wartburg Castle - the distance is 30 km.

The guest groups have the opportunity to visit attractions and sights in the region.

More information: www.vtg-tann.de