Dresden: Folkloretanzensemble „Thea Maass“ der TU Dresden

Vivaciously dancing to the traces of our culture…

Since 1950 the Thea Maass folklore dance ensemble of TU Dresden has been one of the most successful and artistically prestigious groups of amateurs in Germany.

At the present time there are about 35 dancers and musicians, all under the direction of the dance pedagogue and choreographer Maud Butter. They are dedicated to preserving and interpreting German dance folklore and also to implementing traditional customs from the various German regions into exacting dance choreographies.

Folkloretanzensemble „Thea Maass“ der TU Dresden

Most importantly, the sensitive and responsible way of handling our cultural heritage is in the
foreground of designing thematic and action-related works using the various means of folklore.
Faithfully adhering to the idea inherited from the long-term choreographer and director Thea
Maass, the group’s goal is to bring folklore to the people in its lively naturalness, expressive
forms and richness in all its beauty.

There are plenty of great opportunities for the group whose members are mostly students and
graduates of TU Dresden, participating not only in engagements in the various regions of
Germany, but also in numerous performances at folklore festivals and dance competitions
abroad. The ensemble also is a member of the International Council of Organisations of
Folklore Festivals and Folk Art (CIOFF).

Meetings with other folkdance groups and people from all over the world provides the ensemble
with a fresh impetus for its own artistic work. In addition, the group also promotes intercultural 
exchange thanks to its versatility.

Folkloretanzensemble „Thea Maass“ der TU Dresden

Folkloretanzensemble „Thea Maass“ der TU Dresden

More information: http://tu-te.de